Location: India

Occupation: software engineer

I will raise the voice against any violance

Paul Milnes


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Information Architext

Talking to anyone who will listen about the absolute wrongness of using violence against women.


Location: India

Occupation: Engineer

acting against violence on women and for equal rights and respect to every single person.

Michael Serafin-Wozniak


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Technician

being a voice for the voiceless… saying something when I see something… protecting those who cannot protect themselves

Gurpreet Sidhu

Location: India

Occupation: Graphic designer and entrepreneur

Speaking about these issues every public or private opportunity I get.Taking action whenever I or others who may be helpless are victimised.

Harsha Bhuyan


Location: India

Occupation: Software Developer

by educating the society and spreading awareness among my fellow citizens about the atrocities on Women and how to fight and overcome them

Jason Wesley Storer


Location: Vermont, United States

Occupation: IT

Continuing to maintain my pacifism in all situations.

Mikael Petersson

Location: Sweden

Occupation: Front-End Developer

Raying it forward, not looking the other way and influencing others as much as I can to treat women with respect.

Jim Gorycki

Location: Florida, United States

Occupation: IT

Treating everyone equally and with respect, and to resolve differences without violence.

Chris Chennell


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Treating woman as equal and respecting their individual human rights forever in my life.