Ruben D Rincon


Location: Texas, United States

Occupation: IT Consultant

Not only educating myself more about what causes violence & abuse against women, but donating my time as a volunteer everywhere I reside.

Aric Buckholt

Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Occupation: technical

Raising my son to respect women and teaching my daughters to stand up for themselves.

Gabrielle Sido Islwyn

Location: France

Occupation: singer and program designer

speaking to men and boys about where to go to learn how to handle and change their cultural messages of violence towards us and themselves

Christopher Diana


Location: Rhode Island, United States

Occupation: technical

By caring for my wife, nieces, sisters and female coworkers by treating them as equals.

Jeffrey Arthur Jones

Location: Texas, United States

Occupation: IT Security Engineer

teach all the young men in my life to respect, and as a disabled veteran pledge to see that I can help other veterans.

Colin Waring


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: IT Consultant

Looking for local charities to add to the list I support and help out with charitable IT work

Christopher Vacano

Location: Washington, United States

Occupation: Software Developer

encouraging the men I know to treat women with respect, to find an alternative to violence, and to seek help when they need it.

Peter Holowatenko


Location: Canada

Occupation: Sr. IT Manager

being a good example to my two sons and their friends. And to ensure that I do something if I suspect violence against a woman or child.

Nikolaus Budlong

Location: Massachusetts, United States

Occupation: IT Guru

Standing up for what is right and just and never letting the idea that violence against woman is EVER justifiable or acceptable

Michael Zinni

Location: Washington, United States

Occupation: IT Specialist

Never allowing violence against women and children to be acceptable or tolerated