nicolas douillet

Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Communication specialist

sharing as much information as I can about how harmful violence against women is for everyone.

Said Abu-Kaud


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: UNDP

supporting initiatives dedicated to end the violence against women and promoting gender equality

Galen Guengerich


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Minister

speaking out as a father, spouse, and minister to keep women safe from harm, and to insist that men take responsiblity for their actions.

Paul Ladd


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: UNDP Adviser

making sure that discrimination, bullying, and violence against girls and women is not tolerated in my home, community or workplace.

Boaz Paldi


Location: Alabama, United States

Occupation: UNDP

to promote gender equality in all aspects of life

Robert de Leon


Location: Texas, United States

Occupation: Executive Director

engaging, encouraging, & empowering men/boys to become part of the solution in ending violence against women/girls.

Hanna Savig

Location: Minnesota, United States

Occupation: Student

Encouraging my male classmates to stand up against gender-based violence and by working with the UniTE campaign on global outreach.

Shi Chen

Location: California, United States

Occupation: student

Teach kids who look up to me that strong men respect women—and walk the talk.

Sharon D’Agostino

Location: New Jersey, United States

Adding my voice to advocate for an END to violence against women & girls and to reach out to help those I believe May need my help.

Thibault Devanlay

Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Diplomat

Continuing to defend a gender perspective and gender mainstreaming in the work of the United Nations, so as to commit governments